Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 10 College Commandments

I found this at College Humor and it made me giggle :)

Student was searching for divine inspiration. Student walked high on the mountain of knowledge and came across God. Student asked God how to live life as a college kid should. And God said unto him, follow these Ten Commandments and you shall be all a college kid is. And Student thanked God and it was good. And Student spread the Ten Commandments of College to all.

I- Thou Shalt Nap
And God gave unto Student a great gift, the gift of napping. God said to him, You shall spend half your day napping. You shall nap in class, in your room and in your friend's room. And God said, if you don't nap, you will not be able to stay up all night drinking. And Student said, Nap I shall, and it was good.

II- Thou Shalt Get Sick All the Time
Now God said to Student, you must be sick all of the time. And student said why. And God said unto him, you shall share drinks, stay up too late, drink too much and make out with people you don't know. Therefore, God said, you shall be sick all year round. But God said, blessed are the sick for they have partied the hardest. And it was good.

III- Thou Shalt Write Witty Away Messages
Student asked, but God, how will I show everyone that I am funny? And God said unto him, thou shall write witty away messages. God said to student, you shall never just say you are in the shower, you shall say you are getting wet and the shower. You shall never say you are at class, you shall say you are class. God said, if you do not write witty away messages, I shall smite you. Blessed are the funny, for they will get many girls to be their friends but never hook up with them. And it was good.

IV- Thou Shalt Wear a Hoodie

And then Student asked God, God how do I look like a college kid. And God said unto student, you must wear a hoodie, for it is a useful garment. And you shall never wash it either. Student asked God what kind of Hoodie should it be and God said, you shall own one with your school's logo on it and you shall own many others of varying colors and creeds. And Student was pleased and God was pleased.

V- Thou Shalt Shit a Lot
And Student asked of his bathroom habit and God told him, Student, you shall eat in the Cafeteria and you shall shit a lot. And it will not be good shit, it will be the shit of the devil for your ass shall burn for hours. Your school shall put laxatives in their food and you shall feel their pain. And Student began to weep, and God said unto him, Student, fear not the shit, for all your fellow students will be experiencing the same. And Student dried his eyes and thanked God and God told him to use wet naps to ease the pain.

VI- Thou Shalt Eat EasyMac
Student asked unto God if there was any alternatives to the cafeteria, and God said to him, you shall eat a lot of EasyMac. It is easy to make and you don't need milk or a stove. And student said microwaves were forbidden by the RA. And God said to him, you shall hide the microwave under your bed with a towel on top. And Student asked, what if it is discovered. And God told him to stop being such a pussy, and it was good.

VII- Thou Shalt Hook Up
Student then asked of sex. And God said, Student, you shall hook up and be happy. You shall go home with random people every weekend and forget about them the next day. You shall see them at class and be awkward amongst their company. You shall exchange saliva at bars and parties and it will be good. And Student became gleeful and God told Student to wrap it up because He knows where she has been, but Student does not.

VIII- Thou Shalt Join a Club and Never Go to Meetings
Student inquired of his spare time and God reminded him that he should be napping. But Student said he wanted to do other things. So God said unto him, you shall join a club at the beginning of the semester, but then never go to meetings. And Student asked why he should not go to meetings, and God told him, because the glee club is gay. And Student understood His wisdom.

IX- Thou Shalt Wake Up Confused

God said to Student, there will come many a day when you shall wake up in the bed of another and not know where you are. You will not remember what you did last night and you shall be confused. You will see that you have nipple rings and a tattoo now and are covered in Sharpie. And Student was disturbed by this, but God said, you shall tell great stories about it to your friends someday. And Student understood and God took a sip of a beer.

And God gave Student the final Commandment

X- Thou Shalt Gain Weight

And Student wished to hear the final commandment and God said he would not like it. But Student insisted, so God said unto him, you shall gain weight. However, God said, you will not buy new clothes, so you will wear sweat pants a lot. God said, Student, you will watch a lot of TV and become fat to which Student wept profusely. But God comforted Student saying, you will still get ass even if you cannot tie your shoes anymore. Student felt better and God pointed to Student's chest saying, those will soon be bitch tits. And it was good.

This is the word of God, follow the Ten Commandments of College or you will be smote!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Song of the Day

Now that I've discovered how to embed music on to my blog, I'll be posting a lot of songs. This one is a bit old school. Michelle Branch was my favorite artist all throughout middle school, high school, and most of college. Here's to the good old Michelle.

Michelle Branch - Breathe
Found at

Summa Time!

FINALLY. Summer is here. I couldn't be more excited. Although, I did have a bit of trouble leaving Bellingham. I almost cried at my birthday party when Dominic and Michail left haha. My birthday, by the way, was pretty awesome. It was pretty small but I had a lot of fun with the people that were there. I was afraid that I might not have spent enough time with Erin, but she said that she was fine, so I'll believe her. Anywho, then when I left Bellingham for good, I cried in my car. But I had to be strong for Andrea and Meagan.

Summer has been good so far though. Jumping right into work. I've had training for HMAC and I'm already starting my internship, which is so cool! I don't really do much, but Dan is a great PT and he teaches me lots of things. Then my new advisor (Dave) is renewing a "relationship" with Overlake Hospital in Bellevue so I can get an internship there too! Although I'm scared about working out the hours with the pool. :/ I'm thinking I might just end up scratching MWF all together. Then I would just work at the pool TRSS, which really is more than half the week. We'll see how it all works out.

12 days until I turn 21

7 days until Hawaii :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pixie Lott

While procrastinating studying for finals, I discovered this girl. Her name is Pixie Lott, she's from the UK and I've pretty much decided that she is my new favorite artist. She's got a great voice and she's super adorable and has this awesome english accent. You can't buy her songs on itunes, because they aren't available in the U.S. *tear* But I highly suggest going to youtube and looking her up. She's got quite a few music videos and they're pretty good. Here's one of her songs called Mama Do.

pixie lott - mama do (uh oh uh oh)
Found at

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hair Commercials

Hair commercials are so dumb. That's why I love this video so much.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is what they do to us. I actually really like this picture. Books, papers, an iPod, Red Bull and candy: all you need to survive finals. Today hasn't been too bad since I've procrastinated so much, but it will get much worse. I've been working on my chem homework all day. I have 4 more questions left and then I'm on to Physiology. I am so nervous for Physiology. I mean, I've got a good grade right now, but I REALLYYYY want to pull my grade up to an A. It would balance everything out so much. And maybe help me get into PT school. I want it so bad, I might sacrifice a kitten to the finals gods for a good grade on this final. Then there's chemistry to worry about, since I'm on the verge of a D+ and a C- for the second time taking this class. Seriously F*CK chemistry. I have to get a C on this test and I should be able to pull off a C in the class. Which is fine with me. I can't wait til finals are over. I have so much to look forward to:

  • My birthday party
  • Alan coming to visit (hopefully with Hillary and Scott)
  • My last tball game (although that's bittersweet)
  • Getting my HMAC job back
  • Internship at Peak PT
  • Hawaii
  • My actual birthday
  • 21 run
  • Volunteering at speed camp (maybe?)
  • Getting away from Western

New Favorite People

I'm awesome


Friday, June 4, 2010

If the Moon Fell Down Tonight

Every time I see your smile
it makes my heart beat fast
and though it's much too soon to tell
I'm hoping this will last
cause I just always wanna have you
right here by my side
the future's near but never certain
so please stay here for just tonight

I must have done something right
to deserve you in my life
I must have done something right
along the way

I just can't get you off my mind
and why would I even try
cause even when I close my eyes
I dream about you all the time
I just always wanna have you
right here by my side
the future's near but never certain
at least stay here for just tonight

I must have done something right
to deserve you in my life
I must have done something right along the way

and even if the moon fell down tonight
there'd be nothing to worry about at all
because you make the whole world shine
as long as you're here everything will be alright

I must have done something right
to deserve you in my life
I must have done something right along the way

- Chase Coy. Go look him up.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Listen, bitch.

So done

I am so done with boys. I think I say that a lot. But really. And really, what is it with boys not calling you back? It's not like I'm going to force you into a commitment or anything. It's just polite. I always call people back, whether I really want to or not. Unless it's my job calling. Then I don't return the call because they'll force me to work. Boys are so dumb. And I'm sorry if you are a boy reading this, no offense. But they are. I just really feel that, if you're my friend, you should call me back whether you like me or not. So I've decided two things:

1) I am the best friend kind of girl. I can't remember if I've said this or not, but I am. Boys only like me because I'm cute and easy to talk to. But I don't turn heads. And I'm too sweet to date. So I'm just done. I've said it before. But I really am. All that pursuing boys is doing for me is stressing me out and making me sad. I'm not having any more of it.

2) I need to teach myself to not care what other people think. Which, honestly, I think I used to be that way in high school. Because I remember thinking it was silly how much my sister cared. College has ruined me. All the stupid, freaking boys on this planet have crushed me so now I am constantly worried about how other people view me. It's retarded. I need to get that high school innocence back. And even though I like college better, I was pretty awesome in high school. I had 9 guys ask me out when I was a senior. Let's go back to that.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Was awesome! This picture might be my favorite one of Hillary and I. I love that girl, and I am so happy that she is dating my best friend :) Oh and if you were wondering about the fat, purple lip? It's from Kara. She threw a Jenga block at my face. My face isn't doing so well lately haha because last week I had a black eye because Meagan accidentally punched me in the face while playing animal ball haha.

But anyways, Sunlakes. We had a lot of fun! I drove over on Thursday night with Grace and Brian and that was lots of fun. The weather held up and allowed us some beach time, and I got to see good friends. There was some drama. Drama that is not for the whole internet world to know. I'll just say that, a person (whom I have high expectations of) made some bad decisions. These bad decisions affected everyone, even those who didn't deserve to be affected. It made me very angry. Hopefully they learn their lesson, but we'll see. The weekend was still fun, despite bad decisions being made. I decided that a friend of my sister's is SUPER cute. But he's 17. Awwwwwkward. I swear I'm not a cradle robber. I'll just wait for, like, 3 years. He'll be 20 and in college and a bit more mature (not to mention legal) and I'll be 23 and in PT school. Perfect haha. What else happened this weekend... we went to a rodeo! There was a huge cheese factor, but I still had fun. It was an adventure and I liked watching the actual events. We went cliff jumping. Well, I didn't but the boys did and we watched. When the time came to leave today I was super sad.

On my way home I got called in to work, which sucked ass. So I had to go work, which just added a bunch of unneeded stress. I started feeling it about a half an hour out of Bellingham and it hasn't gone away. I hate that being in Bellingham stresses me out now. I love Bellingham, and I love the people in it, but this year has been so stressful that now I just associate it with stress. Which sucks. Also, Kelsey dyed and cut my hair tonight. It's SUPER different. I've decided that I like it. I was a little undecided at first, because it was so different. But I like it. But I think one huge thing that is adding to my stress is my self-consciousness. I've been having such bad luck with boys and the ones here are so dumb that my self-confidence has literally dropped to zero. So I worry about how I appear to others a LOT. A lot more than I used to. I don't like it. And I don't like having so much of my happiness depend on other people. Because it's draining, and I find myself being sad more of the time. I just... I need a change. I need a break. I need a boy. I need my self-confidence back and I need to stop caring what other people think.

This is a super long post, but this stress that I was just talking about keeps me up at night. I seriously need to get sleeping pills. I was able to fall asleep in a heartbeat at Sunlakes. Even on the hard ground, in a sleeping bag, in a tent, outside in the cold. I'm in my nice warm apartment on my amazingly comfortable bed, and I can't fall asleep. How dumb is that? I just have to make it through these 2 weeks. Then I have my birthday party, the summer, hopefully an internship, then Hawaii, then my actual birthday and all sorts of other great things :) I just need to make it through.