Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Junck Food

My choir teacher read us this essay when I was in high school. It's someone's SAT or WASL essay or something. Anyways, it's awful... but so so hilarious:

Everything in the world has to have food may it be good food or junk food. Junck food is one of the more populare food. Most people like soda pops, hambriger, popcorn, shakes, itc. Some of the places you can get these at is at 7 eleven stores, Mcdonalds, Dariy Queen etc.
Some health food nut say that you will get fat if you eat hamburgere. You will but if you just at health food al the time, your body will get to meny vitimens and you can die. Health food is a food that will give your vitemans and cleans out yore iners.
Eny whay you nead junk food to get your adrental gland working. Junk food like hamburger is good food. Some people say it is bad for you or is it. I don't think it is so bad for you because you get tomatos, lettice, musterd, relish and meat. Shakes. Shakes are made out of mile, ice and aritvial flaver and suger.
Some people say that fried chiken is good for you but is it. the chiken is fried in nothing but oil. It is one of my favorit food so I don't care what eny one thinkes. If it is food it is food.
If you just had a candy bare out in the desert would you just throw it away hec no. If you were out on the dessert you would take one bite of it and keep it in your mouth for days.
If you don't eat eny food you will die in 63 days of what is called starvation. Starvaison ocures wen you don't get enough food and you don't get eny oxegen to your bones.

Gubler Wednesday

Another one of my future husbands is Matthew Gray Gubler. He plays Dr. Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. Another show that I would highly recommend. I am in love with that show. I'm in love with crime shows in general. But I think Reid is just the most adorable nerd on the planet. He's really funny too. Here is an introduction to Mr. Gubler. He's spoofing diva celebrities. He's not actually a douche, he's just being funny :)


I think Paramore is one of the greatest bands ever. If I could be anyone for a day, it would be Hayley Williams. Me and Meagan and Grace are going to see them in May! :) Here's one of their videos. I think they are so creative with their music videos. This video turned this song into one of my favorites.

Future Husband

RYAN LOCHTE. I have multiple future husbands, but Ryan Lochte is one of my favorites. If you don't know who he is, look him up. He's an olympic swimmer, and a sexy one at that. He's on my mind because I'm taking a Kinesiology class this quarter entitled Olympism and the Modern Olympic Games. Tight huh? I wanna send him a letter to see if he'll come talk to our class. Then I can seduce him and convince him to marry me. I just know we were meant to be together.

1:30 AM

Right now it is 1:35 AM. I got in bed around 12:30. I watched an episode of Castle on my laptop, and tried to sleep. Sadly, sleep evades me for the second night in a row. Hopefully my sleeping schedule will get back to normal soon. Anyways, while laying in bed trying to sleep I decided to start a blog. Not really sure why, it's not like a lot of people will read it. But I like being able to put my thoughts somewhere. I'll also put things that I find interesting on here. For tonight, my gift to you is the Tosh.0 blog. It is one of my favorite sites of procrastination. If you haven't watched Tosh.0, I highly recommend you do so. Unfortunately there aren't any new episodes until June 2nd. But the blog is still fun to read!