Monday, August 16, 2010


The insomnia is back. Lovely. I think part of it is because it is WAY TOO FREAKING HOT. I mean, Vegas was hotter, but there was air conditioning everywhere. We don't have air conditioning because it's only useful for 1 month of the year. Also I slept in really late this morning, which was a bad idea. My brain is also pretty active. What's on my mind tonight:

1) Internship tomorrow morning. I love that internship, but after a week of doing whatever I want, it's gonna be hard to go back.

2) My health challenge! The views are going down per week and I'm not quite sure how to change that. This week should be more exciting though :) Firstly, because I lost three pounds in Vegas! And secondly because the exercise challenge is going to be to dance every day until you sweat.

3) Mom told me that I was being a stalker, but I want to add Benny on youtube. I don't think I'm being a stalker, I don't want to creep, I just want to be friendly. I want him to know that he (and the rest of the boys) made my entire trip. And I think it's great how wonderful they make people feel. I don't think that's weird. Erin said to go for it since he's so attractive ;) haha. And honestly, I know that I don't have a shot. But why not at least send him a message? He'll either be friendly back to me and it'll be TOTALLY worth it, or he won't answer, and I'll never see him again anyways so it won't matter if he thinks I'm a creeper. Ha.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vegas Baby!

So I got back from Vegas yesterday and I had an excellent time. It was an absolutely perfect trip. We spent the first day walking the strip, shopping a little and then eating a light dinner at Gilley's in Treasure Island. The next night was slightly frustrating, as the girls decided they did not want to go clubbing. We instead ate dinner and drank at a bar, which was fun! But Selena and I wanted a bit more adventure so we went to the Studio 54 club for a while, and then tried to find another club, without luck. Next night was Thunder from Down Under! I was excited, but also a little sketched out because I wasn't at all sure what to expect. Hanna was even worse. Kelly didn't seem too excited either, and Kassi could go either way. So we were with a pretty mild group. But the show was AWESOME. The boys were so attractive and such great dancers. It's crazy how insane women go over these boys. I mean all they had to do was shake your hand and ask how you were doing in this gorgeous Australian accent and every girl swooned. My personal favorite was the host, Benny. I've always had a thing for dimples and he's got these adorable dimples and a great smile, AND he was funny. After the show Selena asked him to give me a hug and it was pretty much the greatest hug ever. He said, while hugging me, "tell me you'll never leave me," and I basically squealed, "I'll never leave you!" I was literally giddy afterwards. I've decided that we're destined to be together. I'm going to marry him ;) His picture is in the post below since I can't seem to figure out how to format 2 pictures in one post. Afterwards we went back to Studio 54 and had a great time. Hanna and Kassi were awesome for being in their first club.

The girls left on Thursday, but since I booked the wrong flight I didn't leave til Friday. Luckily Mr. Alex Nelson saved the day by arriving in Vegas on Thursday with his friends. So I hung out with them that night and had SO much fun. I went to the Rio with them and their room was so nice! Then the club we went to (Voodoo) was on the 51st floor and on the roof. So we could look over the entire strip. It was so fantastic. His friends were so nice to me and a couple of the boys were really good dancers :) I did feel horribly hung over though the next day. Remind me to never mix alcohols again. I had rum, vodka and gin all in the same night. Dumb, dumb idea. The next day I went to Urban Outfitters for some shopping therapy and then headed home. Perfect trip :)

Benny :)