Friday, February 18, 2011

If My Brain is a Sponge...

So you know that analogy about the brain being a sponge so you can soak up knowledge? Well, sometimes I feel like I soak up too much knowledge. For example, last year when I took anatomy I studied so much that I started to go a little insane. My brain was a sponge and it was soaking up knowledge. But it got to the point that I felt like my sponge was starting to infringe on my skull. And because of that, water (a.k.a. KNOWLEDGE) was leaking out of the sponge to form a psychotic puddle in my head.

That's how I feel now. I have a functional anatomy test tomorrow and I started studying a little bit later than I would have liked. Also, I have a crying friend in my room whose roommates are being awful. Which leaves me with the couch to sleep on tonight (not that I'm gonna get much sleep)since I'm not done studying and she needs to go to bed. And then there are my two genius lab partners who are freaking out about the exam, which in turn is making me freak out. And then I was studying via Skype with Erin but Kelsey shushed me so now I'm scared that I was keeping her up. And all of these things are making my brain feel like it's leaking. But I need to calm down. Because when I get stressed out, I don't remember shit. I think I have mild test anxiety. So I. Need. To. Calm. Down.

Wish me luck.

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